Easy-to-use eConsult platform, created for clinicians by clinicians.


Over 150 Specialties
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Quick access to clinical experts, featuring wide variety of specialties and sub-specialties

Intelligent Algorithm
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Matches eConsult to specialist factoring in availability, research focus and provider-reported ratings

Same-Day Insights
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Guaranteed 12 business hour response time to eConsults, with a mean response time of < 4 business hours

Workflow Integrated
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Intuitive online platform can be seamlessly integrated with providers’ EHRs and clinical workflows

HIPAA-Compliant App
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iPhone App enables easy and secure upload of patient photos, labs, imaging and other files

Informative Analytics
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On-demand metrics and reporting illustrate the impact of eConsults on organizational care delivery


RubiconMD offers product and pricing options to meet your organization’s unique needs.


Access expert insights with unlimited eConsults

$250 per provider per month


Empower your providers with unlimited eConsults with top specialists

Custom solutions for multi-provider organizations

Our Specialists

We choose members of our select panel of specialists based on their notable clinical expertise, as well as their commitment to sharing knowledge and insights. Our panel members represent over 150 specialties and sub-specialties, including Endocrinology, Dermatology, Hematology/Oncology, Cardiology and Psychiatry, and are trained to provide useful and educational responses, answering clinical questions thoroughly but concisely.

The Provider Experience

“The response from the assigned specialist was so thorough, we avoided a referral to a provider located a three-hour drive away. That's a meaningful difference in the ability to coordinate care.”

Dr. Roy Schindelheim, MD, Chief of Staff, Family Practice Physician, George L. Mee Memorial Hospital

Our Services

We offer tailored services to ensure that each customer’s needs are met, taking into account unique patient panels, provider populations and clinical workflows.

EHR and Workflow Integration

Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Workflow Integration

RubiconMD will partner with your organization to seamlessly integrate eConsults into the provider workflow. Leveraging our technical expertise and understanding of clinical context, we will develop a solution to best fit eConsults into your team’s unique practices, whether that’s systems integration or an easy-to-access shortcut in their provider portal.

Onboarding and Implementation Services

Onboarding and Implementation Services

Our hands-on approach ensures our customers are set up for the successful adoption of eConsults. Using resources and materials tailored to each organization’s specific needs, we partner closely with our clients to effectively engage and train providers on how to use RubiconMD to optimize patient care.

Customer Support and ON-Staff Clinician Engagement

Customer Support and On-Staff Clinician Engagement

Our team is dedicated to your success. Once your team has been trained, we will continue to work with your providers to ensure they continue to find RubiconMD eConsults easy-to-use and useful for their care plans–ensuring that they are getting the most value out of our service.

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